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Burnley is a town in Lancashire, north of  England with a population of around 89,000. In recent years, Burnley has become a new up-and-coming town with new projects and developments slowly emerging. At one time Burnley was known as one of Lancashire's most well-known mill towns. Since then the town has seen expansion in many sectors resulting in Burnley winning an award for being one of the most enterprising areas in the UK. The town is also surrounded by breathtaking countryside views. This Town has almost everything to offer and thriving potential. 

Being part of Real Big group we pride ourselves on contributing to the expansion of Burnley town in several areas. Here at Real Rentals, our main goal is to buy unwanted homes, renovate, and re-decorate them for those seeking to rent a property in the area. Burnley has become an increasingly popular Town and we strive to meet this demand in the coming months and years.